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Compelling web content writing from search engine optimisation savvy wordsmiths in London

The pen may be mightier than the sword but, in the digital world, the keyboard is king. Hot content is the fuel behind any effective digital marketing campaign and our copywriters can supply all the firepower you need to go superstellar. From website copy and web 2.0 content to guest blog posts and PR articles, our team of web-based wordsmiths write flawlessly researched, beautifully executed content that search engines and visitors alike will gobble right up.

Website copy

A great looking, UX focussed website is one thing, but lacklustre copy can really put the brakes on audience engagement. We don’t want to sound boring, but poor grammar can be such a turn off. In fact, according to Google and other key analysts, visitors effectively stop reading website text after the first typo or error they encounter on site1.

So what better accessory for you stylish new website than the crème de la crème of content from JBi’s skilled copywriting team? A beautifully crafted piece of digital copy doesn’t simply sell your product or service, it speaks volumes about who you are as a business. Whether you’re an aspirational luxury brand or a highly technical B2B, hitting the perfect note with tailor-made text can build rapport, trust, respect, interest and ultimately win custom from your target audience.

You have five seconds…

…to impress your reader. Ready, steady, go! The internet is a very big and very fickle place so, if you don’t grab attention immediately, you may have lost your chance. The right content on the right website can create a perfect storm of smart digital marketing, enticing your audience with great design before forcing them to sit up and take note of who you are, what you do and why you’re the very best at it with fantastic copy.

Does your online content speak straight to your target market? If not, you may be wasting a valuable opportunity to connect with potential customers, promote audience engagement and really shout about why you’re the best thing since sliced bread. Our integrated digital agency understand how to craft online content which packs a punch – putting what you do best into words is what our copywriters do best!

Welcome to the content era of digital marketing

Once upon a time, hideous heavily-optimised website copy was the norm. Now, a new content-focussed era has mercifully dawned. Google’s Penguin and Hummingbird algorithm updates mean that quality content is more important than ever. Plonking a few keywords in wherever is no longer effective or acceptable. Instead, over-optimisation and ‘keyword stuffing’ can lead to penalties from the search engines. Sensitive keyword optimisation is now essential and putting the reader first when writing on site copy is the name of the game.

And it’s not just on site copy that counts. Creating great content that your target market will love is now the quintessential SEO technique. Gone are the days of low quality link-building, now the only links which matter are those from high quality sources.

Producing top drawer content which web users love is the key to SEO success. Anything which gets people liking, tweeting, commenting and sharing is a powerful piece of online marketing which is great news for your digital brand. Sounds straightforward enough, right? We’re afraid not. The internet is a very big, very fickle place, so grabbing audience attention means careful research, smart subject selection and knock-out writing – all topped off with a side serving of smart SEO strategy and social media savviness.

At JBi our experienced web copywriters understand how to pen perfect prose with real SEO value. If you’d like to learn more about clever copywriting from our London based digital marketing agency, please do get in touch on 0207 078 4328 or drop us an email at

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