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When the Curtain Factory approached JBi for their new venture nVisage, they had an idea for a new type of web app that hadn’t been built before. The sort of challenge our web development team love!

The Brief

The idea was to create a new revolutionary platform that would allow people going into a warehouse with hundreds of rolls of fabric to take a picture and in couple of clicks see how their fabric look as a pair of curtains hanging on a window or as an armchair in their lounge.

Mac and Phone by William Iven
Mac and Phone by William Iven


First things first, our priority was to get to know the market and the end user. We wanted to track the journey of someone struggling to decide on a fabric for their home furnishing and work out a software solution to solve the dilemma. We began by planning the project architecture, i.e: the step-by-step process the user would take to make conversion, in other words, visualising the end product. All pumped up, we took to a blank canvas and started the wireframes of what was to become one of our most successful apps!

Browsing by Priscilla
Browsing by Priscilla


As well as building the app, we were called to action to design and build the nVisage website which would be used to market the solution. For us, it was all about taking the less is more approach for both parts of the project. We incorporated minimal yet engaging content so we could get the point across of what the app could do for wholesalers and retailers in the most effective way without being, dare we say it boring! We kept the overall design neutral so that users could customise it to their preference. The bottom line was to keep the design clean and not complicate the process and it looks like it paid off!

Minimal Mac by negative space
Minimal Mac by negative space

Software Solution

In essence, nVisage is a really simple yet very effective solution that solves a specific problem in just three steps. We built the app to work effectively on all browsers, allowing users anywhere and everywhere to be able to take a picture, upload it and visualise it in no time at all. We wanted to make it as easy as possible for users with the only requirement being the need of a camera on the actual device to take the picture! One of the key features of the app is of course the ability to create multiple accounts, save images and print them off. Quite the clever thing right.

iPhone by Adrianna Calvo
iPhone by Adrianna Calvo


With an app that nips the snag that many fabric retailers find right in the bud and an equally strong marketing website, we’re pretty chuffed with the outcome. nVisage has proved itself to have worked for many B2B and B2C users. The fact that it’s so easy to use as well as being an innovative solution that literally takes the trouble out of trying to imagine how a specific fabric would look like as a chez lounge or a pair of curtains means overall success and we couldn’t be happier.

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