At JBi, we’re constantly researching new and better ways to improve the experience users have on our websites. Making our sites easily accessible to each and every user is a standard we prioritise above others. This website takes advantage of browser and operating system tools and features that enhance usability for users that are affected by visual and audio impairments.


The JBi website uses three fonts to distinguish different content areas, these fonts include Baron Grotesque – used for titles and major navigational items, Georgia – used for body content within pages, case studies, blog posts and more, and system fonts for UI action items and UI meta information (such as dates, authors and categories).

To change all the fonts within the website to the default system font, the font set on your current operating system, enable the option below.

The three fonts used within the website have a base size of 16 pixels which is the recommended font size within websites. To increase the size by 4 pixels to 20 pixels, enable the option below.


The JBi website uses motion to enhance the visual experience. To reduce motion across the website enable the option below.


Our team actively adds visual descriptions of each image and video we upload to the website to ensure everybody understands the context. To display visual descriptions in the bottom right corner of images and videos, enable the option below.

By default, background video start playing automatically without any volume. To stop videos playing automatically, disable the option below.

Voice Assistance

To assist with visual impairments, voice assistance can read or give useful tips about elements within the website as you hover or interact with them. To use voice assistance, enable the option below.