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eCommerce has never been bigger business. In fact, in the UK between 2012-2013, online retail sales rose by 10.7%. It’s high time to get smarter about how you sell online.

Out-of-the-box eCommerce websites can work just fine, but they’re designed to fit the greatest number of users, not your unique enterprise. At JBi we believe in better developed eCommerce systems which save you time, money and labour while making your online business run better.

Interested in honing your online business with more intelligent, bespoke eCommerce web development? London is home to JBi, a full service digital agency specialising in tailor-made web development services, designed around your unique business.

What we do

From building unique mobile apps to integrating your crucial 3rd party systems, our London eCommerce web development gurus have all sorts of tricks up their sleeves. We can make your order fulfilment system talk to your accountancy software, add both extra functionality and usability to your CMS system, turn catalogue management into a beautifully brisk walk in the park and set your site up for powerful SEO. Is there no end to our powers?

Well not really. We work on bespoke eCommerce development projects which help our clients to make the web work their way. Our specialist weapon of choice is Magento, but we work with all eCommerce platforms to make this happen. To discuss your big ideas and goals, contact JBi or just pop into our London office for a chat about your next digital step!


E-Commerce websites for London clients

We’ve worked with clients all over the world, helping them to develop their eCommerce sites. Wherever we go, however, we’re London through and through. We love to stay local – working with ambitious businesses right on our doorstep is what we do best.

Interested in what your online business could achieve with smarter eCommerce web development? London based JBi love to talk big ideas and new directions. Get in touch with our team today on 0207 078 4328 or send us an email at hello@jbidigital.co.uk.

Packaging Brands
Developed an e-commerce website ready to host all Packaging Brands' new products with an intuitive UX that helps their audience find exactly what they need.
Integrating Savanta and ComRes's websites to create a streamlined, high-end, interactive digital plaftorm that can scale as their services grow.
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