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Private Property

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Hyjan Investments is one of the leading private property companies in the UK, utilising their skills and local knowledge to provide clients with a professional and genuine property development service. Having already established a reputable offline company, Hyjan were looking to take the next step by launching their brand online.

The Brief

Hoping to build their business and in need of a platform where they could showcase their portfolio of work to communicate their expertise to a wider audience and win new clients, Hyjan came to JBi. We knew a sharp, engaging brochure website with responsive features was required to achieve the look and feel Hyjan were after.

mockDrop_MacBook Pro
mockDrop_MacBook Pro


Hyjan came to JBi with a blank canvas and an idea in their head of the end product. In order to reach the end, we needed to start at the beginning and figure out exactly what they wanted from their site, and exactly what they wanted their users to experience. Using wireframes, user flows and energy in the form of biscuits, we got down to some serious, meticulous planning with Hyjan. Understanding the layout and usability was central to the next step; designing and building the online image.



JBi’s innovative designers were then let loose within the brand lines with their colourful paints and creative ideas. Using black and white to convey Hyjan’s professionalism, with bursts of pink and powerful images of the city to bring the site to life.

Using Magic Mouse
A person uses an Apple Magic Mouse on a mouse pad
"What we ended up with was a creative website that positioned Hyjan as a modern forward thinking property acquisition company"


From pens and paints to computers and coding, the Hyjan Investments website was transformed very quickly into an interactive brochure site built on top of an easy to use WordPress CMS; a key objective of the new site. It resembled simplicity and sophistication perfectly. Fancy, right!

mockDrop_iPad on a desk
mockDrop_iPad on a desk

Final Set Up

As Hyjan’s first digital platform and as a branding exercise for JBi, we can’t pretend we weren’t all slightly nervous about its deployment. Regardless, it went live and as we stood looking at its sleek look and feel which would appeal to its prospective users of property lawyers, builders and surveyors, but to name a few; our feeling of apprehension rapidly turned into joy! The professional brand Hyjan had worked hard to achieve offline now took a whole new form, embracing digital and all of its glorious benefits.

Coffee and Mobile
Coffee and Mobile

The Results

JBi had created a website which matched entirely the vision Hyjan had in their head the day they walked into our first meeting. The website established a brand image, showcases the two entrepreneurs work and is easy to use from both the front and back end! What a success! We have since been asked to work on 2 further websites for Hyjan, the best possible endorsement of our success.

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