Rose and Willard 2
Rose and Willard 2

Rose & Willard

High-End Womenswear

When Rose and Willard came to us to design and build their high-end fashion website, it’s needless to say we found ourselves immediately in our element.

The Brief

With a fabulous product and unique direction, Rose and Willard wanted their website to ooze class and sophistication. Provide their user with a luxurious online experience and ultimately champion their high- end fashion brand online. This meant striking the balance between bold development and beautiful design with one key goal – facilitating E-commerce conversion to perfection.

Man on Macbook
Man on Macbook

Planning & Design

In true JBi style, we decided to split our planning into two phases. First, design. So here, the idea was to let the bold, stunning standalone imagery to do all the talking accompanied by a logical path for easy UX. For us, simple design accompanied by clever interactive features would take Rose and Willard into WOW territory. So a few cups of coffee and a round of wireframes later, we had the makings of a beautiful website. Before getting too excited, we moved onto the more technical planning. Here we coordinated with 3rd party systems including XERO Accounting, DEAR Inventory and MailChimp to get the inner workings in place.

Man using mouse and typing


Who said there’s no such thing as having both beauty and brains, because from where we’re standing Rose and Willard looks to have hit the mark with both! With interactive features including a Pinterest styled Style Advisor and a magazine editorial layout, you wouldn’t be far off in thinking you’d got yourself a seat at a coveted fashion show!

Man on tablet by Niek Verlaan
Man on tablet by Niek Verlaan

Capturing Those Abandoned Carts

We were keen to capture abandoned carts in the least intrusive way so that we could nudge users to checkout heaven. We wanted to integrate a system in to our build that would recognise this and subsequently send across reminder emails at delayed intervals. MailChimp was our main man.

Women with Ipad by PourquoiPas
Women with Ipad by PourquoiPas

Integration With Parcelforce

We wanted the Rose and Willard website to be as self-sufficient as possible eliminating any hassle of contacting couriers, manually typing shipment in formation and printing barcode labels. That’s where Parcelforce expresslink integration came in.

Desk by Janeb13
Desk by Janeb13


After a good number of rounds testing the sites functionalities from UX to processing orders and a qualification in E-commerce management, we were incredibly proud to present Rose and Willard to the online fashion paparazzi! Now, don’t take our word for it, because with the likes of Net-a-Porter, Glamour magazine and Vogue singing Rose and Willard’s praises, trust us when we say, we have big hopes for our latest E-commerce beauty. We’re incredibly proud that we’ve built up a great relationship with Rose and Willard and continue to work on enhancing the site’s potential to be a leader in the field. Onwards and upwards!

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