Advance Editions

The Founder of Advance Editions came to JBi bursting with new and exciting ways to revolutionise publishing as we know it. The idea was simple; a website where authors can provide their comprehensively edited books to the public, allowing users to critique, contribute suggestions and offer their expertise.

The Brief

Brilliant, right? A simple, intuitive website was needed that had easy to use features, such as a registration form and the ability to buy books through an affiliate purchasing system.


Advance Editions came to JBi with a simple vision and it was down to our creative team to turn their concept into something digitally tangible. With a great understanding of what we needed from each other, JBi got to work planning, drawing and scribbling potential site maps for this exciting new project.


A clean, modern and inviting design with a simple interface was required to allow the content, the crux of the website, to be the primary tool for grabbing the user’s attention. Our clever team then designed its essential features to blend nicely into this design, creating a great user journey.


Our team begun to develop the static mockups into a responsive website which saw the vision brought to life. This new bold approach to publishing now had its own digital form, standing as a solid communications platform for its users.

Final Set-Up

In eager anticipation of sharing their concept with the world, Advance Editions were extremely pleased with their new website, giving JBi the go ahead to launch the new platform. The fantastic project was finally live and giving users the ability to delve into a novel and become the author for a while.

The Result

The website gave Advance Editions the professional but approachable feel they had been looking for. The design had incorporated simple but great design, allowing the concept of the website itself to do the talking, while producing complete functionality and usability for its users.

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