Packaging Brands

Developed an e-commerce website ready to host all Packaging Brands' new products with an intuitive UX that helps their audience find exactly what they need.


We were tasked with developing an e-commerce website for Packaging Brands, a consortium of leading European brands, based in the UK. Packaging Brands had a vision to expand their product range and help their distributors to sell to their audience, whilst keeping their thousands of products organised and easy to navigate.


The Brief

Packaging Brands wanted to create an online portal where all of their distributors could find information about their products.

JBi needed to create the branding and logo for Packaging Brands, then develop the web portal which was to work like an ordering platform site, allowing distributors to view a range of products then enquire about these further.

Simplicity was key. We needed to create one place for Packaging Brands’ customers to go for all of their requirements, which would act as a knowledge base portal. The website needed to embody an e-commerce look and feel, with an order management capability, so international distributors could enquire about products of interest to a cart before getting in touch.  


  • One stop shop for all of Packaging Brands’ distributors
  • Catalogue all brands without any bias
  • Access to all training materials for each machine or product
  • Drill down from both brands (manufacturers) to the product level
  • Simple, e-commerce style with videos & instructional guides

Our Approach

With over 500 products, we started by focussing on creating an online portal where Packaging Brands could upload their entire product catalogue. This process required a Discovery phase and consultation with the client to ensure it delivered against their business needs.  

It was integral that the e-commerce style website would not just display the main product when a user searched, but that it would also show all of the smaller components that went along with that product, plus any other relevant items.

Each product included an image, the product specifications, a zoom functionality to view close up, and the opportunity to add to cart. Packaging Brands’ distributors could add to cart and send an enquiry, which would go to the admin team to review.

The website’s key products also included video tutorials and product training guides. In addition, we created interesting features like a searchable knowledge bank. This meant that people could research and find information rather than calling the client to find specific pieces of information. This also acted like a training portal for their users, included video, news and a ‘Find a Distributor’ feature.


Design and Development

As this was a completely new website, we spent time brainstorming with Packaging Brands, developing a new logo and full branding for the website. The minimalistic logo really brought everything together to showcase what Packaging Brands is all about.

A key factor for the success of the website was engagement. We teamed our UX expertise with our client’s encyclopedic knowledge of their industry. With the help of the Packaging Brands team, we created an easy to navigate, sleek design that would cater to the target audience’s needs.

One fundamental feature of the site was it’s easy to use backend, that the client could manage with little to zero guidance. We used the Magento platform, as it provides the simple CMS backend and specific e-commerce features required for the Packaging Brand to work smoothly.

Final Outcome

The client loved the new site and branding, and saw an incremental uplift as a result of the new system. We are now looking at integrating the Packaging Brands website with the client’s internal system, and perhaps even their accounting system, to manage all products and business in one place.

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