Decluttered and re-designed a modern and user-friendly website that enhanced Firstco's brand identity and advertised its capabilities.

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Communications and control system experts Firstco, were searching for a website design which effectively reflected their own communication and technical skills.

The Brief

Working within the UK transport and infrastructure markets, it was absolutely essential that Firstco’s USPs were showcased through a modern, user friendly online platform which incorporated fun interactive features. The design of this site took shape around bright brand colours, square tiles and bold typefaces. So they say, out with the old and cluttered, in with the modern and minimalistic!


  • Design an attractive and professional website which adheres to and enhances the Firstco brand identity
  • Declutter and modernise the website, reducing content to create a strong UX
  • Showcase previous work to promote Firstco’s services and products
  • Express company values and USPs
  • Provide a strong, easy to manage CMS
iMac Mockup
iMac Mockup


In order to understand exactly what Firstco wanted from their new website, we first had to jointly examine their now previous website and find the flaws. We were met with a website that was crammed with content, sub-navigation upon more sub-navigation and a never ending site map. In order to tailor the site to meet their users needs and find exciting new ways to highlight Firstco’s excellent work, we wanted a full grasp on who the different stakeholders were. With our new burning desire to clean this web space up, the JBi team got to work with the Firstco team planning a brand new site; simplifying, minimising and sharpening every aspect to create a perfect user journey.



The part we particularly love! Armed with Firstco’s brand guidelines, our designers got down to creating a site which skillfully incorporated the key brand colour purple, and supporting colour turquoise. One of our main objectives was to showcase and highlight Firstco’s unique ability to offer a mix of 5 key services in 6 high end sectors, so our creative instincts naturally led us towards a tiled grid on the homepage. This simple feature allowed us to create an attractive, engaging information port which could lead users to specific areas of the site, or leave them to browse gleefully. Combined with a variety of powerful industry imagery, we knew user’s wouldn’t be able to resist exploring this brilliant new site.

"Working together with the client on every aspect of the project enabled the JBi team to produce a carefully designed, modern and innovative website aimed at enhancing the Firstco brand and identity. Communication was key on every level of this project."


Keen to exhibit their work, Firstco’s new website was a platform to do exactly that; offering potential clients an insight into their high end work and large client base. So, we developed a strong CMS which would give Firstco the ability to easily manage content, files and enquiries through an online form. Working to keep it clean and crisp, we developed the site without obscure and pushy features; instead, utilising a basic scroll bar, lots of links, and hover states to complete the full ‘smooth’ effect.

mockDrop_MacBook Pro on tiny table and of course coffee and an iPhone - no Apple Watch though
mockDrop_MacBook Pro on tiny table and of course coffee and an iPhone - no Apple Watch though

Final Set Up

Firstco and JBi worked congruously throughout the entire project, and what a joy this project was! The site had been tweaked and tested and the end product was finally here! We couldn’t wait to show Firstco how we’d transformed their cluttered web space into a brilliantly sleek and professional platform, optimising all aspects of their brand identity.


The Result

Firstco were delighted to receive a website which gave their brand the modern, clean feel they’d been searching for.The design incorporated high spec imagery, pops of colour and bold fonts, allowing the website and brand itself to communicate to its users in a way which Firstco had always intended.

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