Built a collaborative, multi-language web app portal for MoveMeOn, enabling consultants and candidates to connect over exciting job opportunities.


We built a web app portal for movemeon – the leading consulting recruitment platform in Europe. The platform is a marketplace between consultants and alumni on one side, and exciting job opportunities on the other.


  • Engagement: dwell times on the site increased by 100%
  • Burden on the internal team dramatically decreased
  • The level of employer/candidate interactions increased automatically online
  • Stakeholders of the website were very positive towards the new, intuitive site
  • Continued relationship where JBi advise MMO

The Brief

Movemeon (MMO) were looking for a fresh new website to reflect their business and the stakeholders who use the site. We needed to improve the site user experience (UX) and reduce the amount of manual intervention required from the client team so that MMO could focus on the job in hand – matching excellent candidates with their next role.

This was split into two key workstreams:

  • Update the website design (pre-login) – we needed to bring MMO alive online with funky, interactive design which could communicate to their different target audiences in the right way.
  • Building a recruitment web app (post-login) – we were tasked with creating the system which the business ran on, where employers could post jobs and candidates could apply.

The site needed to be built so that it could be used in two languages – English and French and the job board had to be multi-currency and reflect rates in real time. We also needed to ensure effective migration of the existing candidates profiles, application history, employers data and jobs. This needed a mission critical cut-over plan and execution.


  • A clean, modern design with clear and intuitive UX
  • Responsive design for desktop, mobile and tablet
  • Functionalities that encouraged employers and candidates to take action & engage with each other the web site / app
  • Effective Data Migration planning and execution
  • Launch planning with business contingency
  • Secure admin panel and coding standards

Our Approach

There were three stakeholders which we needed to consider: the candidates, the employers and the site administration (the MMO team themselves).

We started by working with the client on their messaging – what did they want to communicate to their clients? We brought in statistics on the front end website to convince potential new members and employers to sign up and register to the portal. Here we needed to establish the value proposition the business offers to both candidates and clients, with key calls to action. The first workstream centred around digital branding with a key KPI of conversion.

For the second workstream, we needed to build a personalised dashboard to employers and candidates.

The employers interface allowed them to post and update jobs, track applications and send notifications to candidates. This dashboard provided key data for the employer and send alerts and prompts to encourage employers to progress with the recruitment process.

For candidates, an automated LinkedIn login allowed the candidate to auto-fill their profile from their LinkedIn profile. This made it a lot easier for candidates, saving them time so they could be seamlessly set up, ready to be matched with jobs! Candidates could also add in details like salary expectations.

Candidate requirements were stored and mapped so that the web app itself made connections between candidates and potential employers. This automatic tool (script) ran like a self-sufficient engine to make sure that candidates didn’t miss an opportunity. In addition to this, we made sure the search functionality was powerful and easy to use, as this was also fundamental to the success of the website.

This also provided MMO with a rich source of user profile data. Advanced reporting included insights such as the number of applicants who viewed a job but did not apply, which MMO could use to improve their offering and to advise their clients on how to improve their job postings.

Reporting was also invaluable for MMO’s communication with their clients through marketing emails. They were able to include statistics and insights that meant their comms were relevant and engaging.


  1. As a growing small business, things were always changing and developing, even as we worked on the project new features were introduced to the scope of what we had to deliver
  2. Migration of existing users and their preferences; the live and new data were not the same, so this involved very careful planning
  3. Relaunching the applications to existing users and retaining all of their job applications, status and preferences
  4. A major issue the client was facing was the integration of candidate and employer actions, so we redefined the entire user flow of employers and candidates, whilst mapping the interaction points.
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placeit (12)

Design & Development

We worked closely with the client to establish their core brand styling. The more we fleshed out the project, the more the brand came to life. From here, we conducted extensive testing to iron out any bugs and make sure the UX/UI was as smooth as possible.

The old website was unresponsive and didn’t resonate with the management consultant market that MMO work with. We maximised the experience for candidates on mobile. Responsiveness was key for candidates applying on the go.

The marketing website was developed in WordPress, as it was easier for our client to publish editorial content from here. Ease of use for the admin team, as well as candidates and employers, was a key performance indicator (KPI) for the team.

Due to the intricacies of the logic required in the back end of the site, we used CodeIgniter to build the web app. This is an open source platform which meant no licensing costs! This also gave us the flexibility to build all of the required functionalities into the web app. We supported this with a Jobs API module in Zend.

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