Women in Banking and Finance (WIBF)

Digital entity that advertised events, webinars and engagements to connect like minded people together around a single platform.

Women in Banking and Finance (WIBF) are a not-for-profit, volunteer-led organisation that aims to improve a male dominated industry in finance.

JBi Digital was fortunate enough to work with WIBF to help them achieve their overall goal of driving more women into the financial sector by continually increasing their offering to members.

Memberships Page
Memberships Page
Stylish previews of WIBF's range of memberships available to browse!

Building an ‘offline’ community

WIBF is a personable and passionate organisation and it was important that we quickly acquired an understanding of their values before we investigated the digital improvements they sought. 

WIBF holds multiple events, webinars and other immersive experiences for women in finance and we had the opportunity to attend and learn more about this fantastic organisation.  

It was clear they wanted to grow and inspire more like minded people to join their community and help transition away from the male dominated perception that exists in the industry. We supported WIBF through the new website in getting people to realise the benefits of diversity and inclusion and how important this change will be for banking and finance. 

WIBF required a digital entity that would encourage further ‘offline’ activity from their members, creating a digital hub that advertised events, webinars and engagements to connect like minded people together around a single platform.

WIBF's homepage
WIBF's homepage
Engaging homepage design across WIBF's


  • 174% increase in new users
  • 614% increase in traffic to the events page (WIBF’s primary lead generation page)
  • 6% increase in females using the website

Efficient and Dynamic Membership System

A key pillar to the success of this website was around how we could best serve the interests of the WIBF team and explore the best ways to increase the number of members. We achieved this through the following:

  • We quickly discovered that an optimised backend would enhance the efficiency in raising awareness and promoting engagement with the community. 
  • We used a bespoke WordPress CMS that WIBF team members were already comfortable with, as well as simplified certain functionality such as incorporating different events more efficiently.
  • The backend was also developed from the perspective of members. We needed to ensure that members had a seamless user journey from the moment they reached the ‘sign in’ page.
  • We worked closely with members in various interviews and workshops to understand what they valued most and how they would like to be involved with the digital platform. 
  • The result has seen a completely immersive experience where members can seamlessly navigate through different areas of the backend.
Events Pages
Events Page
An assortment of the interactive events pages showcasing some of WIBF's exclusive member offerings

Long Term Digital Partners

Our partnership with WIBF did not finish at the completion of the website. We continue to assist the team across the post go live stage, supporting a range of different requests. 

Additionally, we hope to grow the platform over an extended period of time with continuous feature and functionality developments to ensure the website is totally reflected in WIBF’s growth and always showcases a modern look and feel. 

Having attended some of WIBF’s events, we know how inspiring and headstrong the women behind this organisation are and we continue to strive and collaborate with WIBF  for growth and progress to better improve a male dominated industry.

WIBF across multiple platforms
WIBF's website across different platforms.
WIBF Across Multiple Platforms

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