Integrating Savanta and ComRes's websites to create a streamlined, high-end, interactive digital plaftorm that can scale as their services grow.


Savanta is a fast growing data and market research company who provide essential intelligence and creative ideas to help support business growth.

In 2022, JBi Digital were given the opportunity to design a state of the art website for Savanta, including the integration of the existing Savanta and ComRes websites – ultimately creating a single entity between both brands.


Highly Accessible
Highly Accessible
Multi-purpose site accessible by all platforms

Refreshed Brand and Innovative Content

  • Savanta and ComRes required both of their websites to be integrated into a new high-end interactive website.
  • The new single-entity website needed to be more reflective of their tone of voice and brand image, as well as their product and service offering.
  • With Savanta growing globally, we needed to create a website that was scalable and enable them to add new regions with localised content for their market.
  • The centre of our strategy was exploring the best way to showcase Savanta’s high end content in an exciting and innovative way.


  • 255% increase in website conversion
  • 36% increase in page views
  • 71% increase in users

Understanding User Priorities

The first steps included a thorough discovery process that comprised of three elements: UX discovery, technical discovery, SEO discovery.

We needed to understand who the different types of users for the website were and what information they wanted. Additionally, we had to manage how to organise Savanta’s products and services so the user was able to understand the breadth of their offering. 

The key objective was to attain a clear sitemap and information architecture. 

From a technical perspective, the key was to understand the structure of the CMS – how Savanta wanted to add content and the different types of content. Therefore, we needed to make it easier for Savanta to cross link the different types of content to give the user a stronger experience while on the website.

Interactive and Engaging
Interactive and Engaging
A desktop display of some of the key pages

Customised Multi-Site Approach

The development phase involved the incorporation of globalised features and a focus on dynamic UX.

Based on research, we agreed to use WordPress as the base CMS and customised the admin panel to reflect Savanta’s needs. 

A multi-site approach was integral to development and therefore we needed to integrate tailored functions, such as the ability to display content in both UK and US English. This approach will also allow greater flexibility and scalability in the future if Savanta was to grow to other countries. 

With Savanta’s forward thinking and innovative brand in mind, we developed a dynamic and animated scrolling functionality. This allowed for a perfect balance between being aesthetically pleasing and easy to use for the Savanta website administrators. 

We built the site incrementally, showcasing regular opportunities for feedback to ensure expectations were satisfied. 

Aesthetically Pleasing
Aesthetically Pleasing
A clean mobile appearance across the site

Enhanced Navigation Management

  • Centralised media library that can store images in one place and can be utilised on all sub-sites in multisite. 
  • Web-based image optimisation. 
  • Modular page build approach that is intuitive, allowing for easy creation of any new pages/posts using readymade components.
  • Use of a mega menu structure to enhance navigation management.
  • Website advanced search feature with keyword auto-suggest and multiple sorting filters.
  • Page/post cloning feature that enables cloning from one site to another sub-site.
  • Geo location site redirection feature.

At JBi, we want to be much more than just a web designer for our clients. We want to build ongoing relationships and act as strategic partners well beyond launch day.

If you are looking for support on a digital project, you can get in touch with us by emailing or calling us on 0207 043 2510.

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