Dawood & Tanner

JBi were tasked with creating an inspiring communication tool for existing and potential clients.

Dawood & Tanna Workplace

Currently at the forefront of industry advancements and dental developments, D&T are driven by a forward-thinking, preventative philosophy. It was JBi’s job to convey this in a digital space by using a clean, crisp and modern design, enhanced by their clear brand colours.

The Brief

D&T pride themselves on delivering a seamless dental experience, offering a range of general and specialist dental treatments which encompass all issues from major facial trauma, to fun, simplistic videos on how to floss properly. JBi were tasked with creating an inspiring communication tool for emphasising to existing and potential D&T patients how important their ‘delicious smile’ is, and the best ways to keep it so! For D&T, just like teeth, the look of the site was just as important as its functionality


  • Design a platform to showcase D&T’s expertise and professionalism, positioning them at the forefront of technological advancements within the industry
  • Strong user journeys so that patients can see D&T’s range of services and find the one that is applicable for them
  • Build a separate section specifically for fellow dental health practitioners looking to refer patients
  • Provide stable links directly to D&T’s ecommerce store
  • Ensure the site is quick, efficient and responsive for all front facing and back end users
  • Provide an easy to manage CMS which allows staff from D&T and partnered practitioners to upload and share files
  • Create a smooth user journey through simple site navigation, leading to an easy-to-use booking form


What better way to plan a website than to sit down with the client (coffee and cake in hand) and go through every project detail? Well that’s exactly what we did, toing and froing with questions, ideas, explanations and more questions. From 3D Printing to their 17 spacious surgeries, Dawood & Tanner are leading the advancements in oral care, and JBi came to understand rather quickly the positive impact a beautiful website could have. Split into key categories, the website had a variety of needs; with strong content and images crucial to their Treatments section, fancy moving features used on Our Team, and a more complex login system for the Referrals pages. With a clear understanding, it was now time to get the JBi design cogs in motion.



D&T’s design specification was clear, detailed and well thought-out… A designers dream! So our wonderful team cracked on creating wireframes and user flows. We worked with clear brand guidelines to create designs that brought D&T to digital life! The key here was a clean, crisp white background to present a professional look, mixed with D&T’s key brand colours pink and grey, including many other bright and inviting sub colours, to reveal an uplifting, unique feel. So far, so good!


Next, with creativity out and complexity in, it was time to call upon our developers to start building Dawood & Tanner. One of the key functionalities of this site was a login area for D&T dentists and other third party practitioners, enabling them to upload documents and high-res images, making the overall dental experience smooth and hassle free for everyone. A strong build, simple design and high speed was essential for this important feature. This large build also required a more social area for accessing blogs, events and facility hire information. In typical JBi style, we added quirky features and user friendly navigation to set it apart from the rest.


Final Set-Up

With the site complete, we ran it through testing and matched it up against the original specification to ensure we’d met all objectives. Job complete! This stunning website, full of colour, striking imagery and snappy content, showcased the Dawood & Tanner philosophy perfectly. Who said going to the dentist was scary, eh?


The Result

Dawood & Tanner were absolutely delighted with the end result. JBi had fulfilled the goals, meeting them head on with a high-spec, professional design, incorporating all aspects of functionality along the way. A delicious website to match their delicious teeth! Why not visit our case study in a couple of months to see the statistics for yourself on how well the site is doing since going live.

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