Employee Engagement
Employee Engagement

Encore by Ovation

Social Employee Recognition

Encore is a global employee recognition platform created by Ovation which, founded in 2001, was designed to provide companies with knowledge of the science behind employee engagement.

The Brief

Encore came to JBi in need of a professional, engaging website which would clearly demonstrate their innovative business insights and how, most importantly, clients could benefit from them. Visuals, exciting design and informative content were at the centre of this site design.


  • Create a high end, professional site
  • Drive interest and enable users to make enquiries
  • Utilise modern web techniques to create an engaging, innovating browsing experience
  • Express company values and expert business knowledge
  • Promote the product
  • Give the client an easy to manage CMS
Typing by Thomas Lefebvre
Typing by Thomas Lefebvre


Having been given the go ahead, JBi got to work creating a sitemap using wireframes to produce potential layouts for Encore; their vision was to have a website jam packed with animation, attractive visuals and exceptional design. JBi’s strong understanding of the Encore brand meant our creative team of designers knew exactly how to take the next step; time to design!

Browsing by Priscilla
Browsing by Priscilla


Sleek, colourful and alive with statistical data, JBi designed a website that supported not only the product but Ovation’s brand identity too. This innovative website took shape around user engagement and a convenient CMS.

Man using mouse and typing
"Building websites that require high conversion rates is never easy, add the fact that your target user works at some of the UK’s biggest companies and it becomes an interesting project! One thing we always work on is the website's information hierarchy, get that right and higher conversions from your website tend to follow."


Moving swiftly, our static mock ups were developed into a product; something which shared Encore’s vision and enabled easy user access. As soon as our client saw the graceful animation and awesome parallax that our ever so talented team had brought to life, they were sold!


Final Set-Up

Result! The website was deployed with complete satisfaction from both parties. Acting as the perfect platform to showcase Encore’s deviceful product, the site encompassed their perception with JBi’s digital expertise.

Man using mouse by Rayi Christian Wicaksono
Man using mouse by Rayi Christian Wicaksono

The Results

Encore loved the end product and were so pleased that we had turned their digital dream in a reality. JBi had created a site with engagement at the forefront of its purpose, just like the Encore product itself. Happy faces all round!

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