Digital Compliance

A holistic approach to compliance from every angle

From accessibility to security, data protection and privacy, we provide invaluable expertise and support to clients navigating the intricate domain of compliance requirements.

Comprehensive compliance & assurance –  for your peace of mind

We conduct detailed audits, analysis, and discoveries with our clients to understand their requirements and advise them on how we can tailor solutions to meet them. 

By entrusting us with their compliance needs, clients can focus their time and resources on their business, confident that their regulatory obligations are in capable hands.

Accessibility testing and remediation

With automated software and manual checks, we test your website against multiple metrics to meticulously ensure it will meet your desired accessibility standard. 

Where there are issues to be resolved, we work with you to plan a roadmap of reasonable and realistic fixes to move you towards becoming fully compliant. And, for our public sector clients, our work aligns with GDS and CDDO standards. Plus we can provide an accessibility statement in line with the Public Sector Bodies Accessibility Regulations.

Privacy and cookie policies

We work with you to write tailored privacy policies to suit your individual needs, so your users understand how their data is used and how it will be protected. 

Our experienced team will keep you compliant with the regulations in any country you operate in and ensure users’ cookie choices are honoured throughout their journey. And, we can audit your website to review your cookie use and tailor your policy to ensure compliance for you and transparency for your users. Then, we advise which banner solution, third-party or custom build, is best suited to your individual use case. 

Furthermore, our trusted CMPs (consent management platforms) help to manage your banner, track consent rates, and manage user engagement and preference.

Vulnerability assessment and security compliance

With clients spanning multiple industries, we understand that every company has distinct security needs. We work with our clients to create plans that align with their specific requirements. And, as a Cyber Essentials+ accredited agency, we know how to leverage state-of-the-art encryption protocols to ensure data from their websites is never accessible to unauthorised parties.

Ongoing compliance assurance

Our clients are confident knowing their products are monitored 24/7. With incidents instantly reported and swiftly rectified.

Through our bespoke Technical Maintenance Dashboard, clients’ websites are automatically checked for security and general updates to make sure they stay secure in all their hosted environments.

How can we keep your digital estate compliant?

Get in touch with our award-winning team of compliance specialists by calling 0207 078 4328 or at

The West of England Combined Authority (WECA)
Consolidated the combined authority's existing digital estate into a single, user-friendly website. Providing continual improvements that have established WECA as a standard for other public bodies to reach.
Built a new enhanced website for ISLA users to browse and access their extensive resources and gave the ISLA team greater flexibility of communication with their members.
The Childhood Trust
JBi Digital created and implemented a web-based "Letter to Santa" campaign to boost The Childhood Trust's Christmas fundraising efforts.