Sharpe Intuition

For those looking for consultancy, mentoring and tuition services to become a success in the world of finance, Sharpe Intuition is a company dedicated to delivering such a result on a very personable, advisory and effective level. Sharpe Intuition was formed on the self development of Director, Patrick Chaaya, who is able to dedicate his extremely high quality tutoring service to finance professionals within the City of London.

The Brief

In a nutshell; to create a new brand and website to ensure the business had a strong start within this competitive industry.

In order to kick start this newly formed business, an information website, accompanied by the functionality to allow users to purchase courses online, was required. The main aim of the website was to engage with the targeted audience and drive interest in the courses that Sharpe Intuition provide. To achieve this, we had to first create the brand. We were asked to create the whole brand image including the logo, colour scheme, typography and fuse everything together digitally in the form of a website. All in all, the project consisted of everything that is now Sharpe Intuition.

What we did

  • Create brand guidelines for the business including the company logo and fonts.
  • A new public facing website for visitors to increase awareness, enquiries, and most of all sales.
  • A simplistic, modern yet traditional website design inspired by the Financial Times newspaper and today’s stock market.
  • A WordPress CMS website that will be easy for the business to maintain and update.
  • Integrated Paypal payment gateway so courses could be bought online.
  • A course management module so Sharpe Intuition could easily add and modify course modules, dates, locations and subjects.
  • Specific backend (admin) platform so all the content including the text and imagery could be updated as and when required.

JBi verdict

Sharpe Intuition launched with a strong brand and logo and the business was able to start promoting to its target market with confidence. This shows the design approach taken, the infrastructure used for the website and the brand image portrayed on behalf of Sharpe Intuition was executed successfully due to the close briefing and communication between us and the director of the business.

The business has ambitious plans to grow and the website will allow for further development as and when needed. Overall we are happy to have been involved with the launch of Sharpe Intuition – hopefully more to come!

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