International Academy of Retail Banking

Who are IARB?

The International Academy of Retail Banking (IARB) believes that retail banking should be a recognised profession like accountancy and law. It was founded with the objective of playing a leading role in the development and professionalisation of consumer-oriented retail banking across the world.

Governments, regulators and the public at large worldwide are now demanding that retail bankers should be properly educated and bound by demanding professional standards like accountants and lawyers. Retail bankers are being told that they must act in clients’ interests rather than push products.

The International Academy of Retail Banking is the only educational body in the world offering specialised post-graduate training in the retail banking field – both to qualification level and on an on-going basis. Lafferty Group, of which the Academy is part, has provided industry research and intelligence to retail banks for more than 30 years.

What was required?

IARB needed an online centre for potential candidates of any level (students, professionals and businesses) to access the courses and modules to become a certified retail banker.

Customers needed to register and pay for their respective courses via the website, which only then will they be granted access to the interactive e-learning system (Moodle).

Members would be able to access their e-learning modules along with respective user forums, exams and presentations.

What we did

  • WordPress CMS with integrated e-commerce module
  • Account register/login for customers
  • Moodle E-Learning module integration and sync-up with IARB account
    • Downloadable resources
    • Exam dates and registration
    • In-frame presentations/exams/media
  • Social Media integration
  • Email marketing registration
  • Google Analytics Integration

JBi verdict

It’s always a proud moment for us to build a website for a client that is doing something revolutionary in the industry they are in.

IARB are already doing incredibly well with the increasing rate of private memberships but also getting on board large corporate clients wanting to train up their employees.

The website is incredibly user friendly and simple on a public level, however; get into the e-learning system and soon you will see why the actual product by IARB is winning over the industry by storm.

We have made a number of improvements to the site since the initial launch and we always look to enhance our client’s websites to keep up with the ever growing industry, so keep your eyes peeled – there’s always more to come!

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