Raj Bawa

Operations Director

The title of the job speaks for itself. Raj Bawa breaks down his role to ‘direct the operations of the business’. His character adapts to the need for continuous improvement and principles of ‘Kaizen’. From overseeing project delivery to managing support services, Raj is at the heart of JBi and its core values and offering.

Since JBi’s birth, Raj has nurtured and shaped the development of the company, reflecting on what businesses need and want to succeed in the online world. Raj comes from a project management background and has worked on an international scale, taking a keen interest in what makes a business flourish in a world which is consistently changing digitally. It is this global outlook that places Raj ahead of many Operational Directors and why it makes us ideal to support your business growth.

Raj is passionate about people and processes. He appreciates how much energy and time goes into making a business successful. Raj oversees JBi to ensure that the team meets and exceeds client expectations and offers an excellent experience.

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