Trudie Stanley

Support & Service Manager

Trudie leads the support & service team at JBi.

She started her career at a university helpdesk in the black DOS and modem dial up days, where websites were barely a thought!

Having since progressed from providing desktop and hardware support to building websites and managing the design and development teams behind them, Trudie loves the hustle and bustle of agency life.

Her passions are fault finding and customer experience, so support management comes naturally to her!

Outside the office, Trudie loves keeping fit and looking after her little cavapoo, Dottie, who keeps her busy on walks and is now a regular visitor to the office (which all of us very much enjoy!)

Travelling the world is her passion, as well as exploring the UK – but what better place to come home to than London, the coolest city of all?

The More You Know

Trudie is an identical twin!

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