Isy Odlin

Senior UK HR Manager

Isy is JBi’s Senior UK HR Manager and boasts years of HR experience in a variety of industries and environments. Isy believes in the power of creating supportive cultures that enable teams to deliver their best work. 

Isy is driven by facilitating individuals as well as organisational growth, and is personally committed to continuous learning.

As a coach, mental health first aider and a volunteer Chair of the Alliance of Independent Agencies’ Wellbeing Action Group, Isy is curious about how organisations underpin wellness in the working environment and the impact this has on (human) sustainability, engagement and growth. 

Outside of agency life, Isy is an open water/ wild swimmer, dog lover (and owner) and adores books and reading. She can also fly a plane!

The More You Know

Isy can fly a plane and has her Private Pilot License (PPL)

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