David Gelb

Managing Director

David is like a lighthouse and his colleagues are ships lost at sea, he guides them safely to shore with his bright, guiding light past all the jaggedy rocks.

Nautical references aside, David leads the team and the business to ensure that both client and employee are the happiest they can be. He initiates and develops strategic partnerships which allow us to continue to strive to be one of the leading digital agencies in London.

He has been passionate from the start about JBi and having worked in various industry sectors in his past, David has the perfect combination of being able to understand how to create the right digital solutions for a business but in a way that works commercially for his clients.

As a person who naturally enjoys communicating, David will be able to discuss your digital requirements as well as offer constructive ideas that will benefit you as a business. When he is not talking digital to clients on the phone he is verbally defending his beloved football team Tottenham Hotspur to the rest of the JBi team.

When asked what his hobbies were, David responded, ‘I didn’t realise I could have any’.

The More You Know

David is a master of all accents, except they all sound Australian

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