Asa Fisk

Tech Lead

Having spent a year teaching English overseas, Asa put his art degree to work and began his career in open-source web development in 2000.

After a brief period of freelancing, Asa joined a client’s start-up e-commerce company and managed the technology function for 10 years before moving back into the agency world.

Asa joins JBi with a wealth of experience in the Pharmaceutical industry, bringing creative ideas to life and gaining valuable exposure to a range of enterprise technologies.

Asa is motivated by collaborative problem-solving and likes to keep up to date in terms of best practices, processes and tools. He is an agile advocate and genuinely enjoys helping anyone who finds themselves in a fix.

Outside of the office, Asa likes to switch off the screens and get stuck into a bit of DIY, gardening, drawing, cycling, walking and occasionally a bit of disc golf!

The More You Know

Asa actually enjoys doing the washing up!

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