Hovis Boy On The Bike Featured Image
Hovis Boy On The Bike Featured Image
Still from the Hovis Boy on the Bike video

Ho Ho Hovis – Christmas Campaign Website

JBi Digital has been a digital partner to Hovis since 2020, designing, building and supporting a new website that portrayed their rich British history and heritage.

Ahead of Christmas 2023, Hovis required a promotional campaign store designed and built in a very short timeframe to help them sell festive jumpers and hats!

Ho Ho Hovis!
Ho Ho Hovis!

Streamlined Discovery

We needed to be as efficient as possible to plan the key priorities and requirements for this campaign – Hovis’ first e-commerce initiative!

We met with the Hovis team virtually to engage in a streamlined requirement-gathering process. 

Hovis brought us the idea in early November, leaving us with limited time to get the site ready for December. We had to collaborate and align on the key purposes and main objectives in a short period of time. 

Key objectives included: 

  • In every aspect of the process, user experience (UX) was to be paramount, and the website had to be easy to use.
  • Seamless ecommerce purchasing experience for users
  • Each product had to be clearly presented, as well as the available sizes and items left in stock
  • Hovis’ branding  should be represented across the site and users should have the opportunity to navigate to the main Hovis website

After reviewing the capabilities across different platforms, we agreed that Shopify would be the best approach for Hovis – providing a simple and efficient ecommerce platform for users and the Hovis team.

Customer Journey
Customer Journey

Simple Ordering Management Capability

The website was to be developed from the perspective of the user – centred around the shopping experience.

We incorporated both products (hat and jumper) front and centre on the landing page with a simple layout that encouraged them to click on each product to explore their details. 

The product specific pages clearly showed available sizes, through an intuitive shopping experience. 

It was important that we captured users’ contact information before purchasing, whilst keeping the privacy & security of customer (/privacy) information. 

Customer information could then be managed on the backend of the website by the Hovis team, who could review purchases. Purchasers are sent confirmation emails and could track the progression of their order.

Mobile Friendly
Mobile Friendly

Efficient Delivery & Go Live!

With the Christmas songs starting earlier as ever this year on the radios, we built and went live with the site before December – having built it in just two weeks!

Delivering the site under the tight timeframes was one of the key highlights across this project. Some others included: 

  • An intuitive shopping experience where users could easily purchase their desired product
  • Designed and developed as a mobile-first approach 
  • The website has adhered to all ecommerce and privacy standards 
  • Creation of a simple login for users to continue shopping from earlier or review the status of orders 
  • JBi ran training with the Hovis team on the Shopify backend, how they could track and manage orders

Take a look at the store HERE!

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