NHS Brightlight

Designed a dynamic, mobile-friendly platform for users to easily access and participate in vital research.

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Brightlight is a research study into cancer care for teenagers and young adults. They needed a new website to help them display and publish their research studies. YAP – the online Youth Advisory Panel now heavily featured on their new website, where the original site only briefly mentioned the individuals involved as it was designed more for YAP member recruitment, rather than publishing research.


  • Create a platform to help those seeking information from specific research studies
  • Increase actual user involvement and participation by making research easy to find and accessible
  • Design a dynamic, easy to use and mobile friendly website for their members, users and other stakeholders
  • Modernise the website whilst enhancing the User Journey
  • Create a customised and bespoke WordPress platform for the ability to simplify editing process
  • News & Blog areas with the ability to be shared on social media and highlight important announcements

The Brief

Starting the journey from a content heavy website, Brightlight wanted to take a different approach and create a website that highlighted their community based research, and publish it in a visual manner.

With a very mixed audience ranging from youth cancer sufferers and their parents, to researchers and doctors, we knew the site had to have a very open feel to it – not too clinical but still still professional and approachable. With the use of soft curves and bright colours, we created a vibrant, informative website fit for purpose.

Brightlight website on iMac
Brightlight website on iMac


Together with Brightlight, JBi began to imagine how users would navigate around the website and think about what information each stakeholder would require from the platform as well as creating ideas of the new and dynamic design. We transferred all our bouncing ideas onto wireframes and user flows to show Brightlight the beginning of their brand new website. The importance of encouraging user involvement and having the ability for Brightlight to share any updates, news or events happening was at the forefront of our minds, as well as creating an easy to use website for the client to manage their own website.

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"We were creating a platform from which Brightlight could publish research so it was important to ensure a suitable mix of innovative design and academic gravitas."


JBi assisted and took on the challenge to break the current design trends of straight lines and incorporate sweeping curves on Brightlight’s new website. This gave a softer feel to the website and created a great consistency with their logo. It was also essential the design of the website had to be easy to use and mobile friendly for users of the community.



From pen and paper to codes and computers, our designers and developers helped Brightlight to transform their old content heavy website to a website with lots of images and videos for the community to interact with and a place to share information. Most importantly, the new website is now on an easy to manage CMS allowing Brightlight to edit their content effortlessly! WordPress was chosen because of its simplicity and also the team were familiar with the back-end.

Person holding iPad with Brightlight website open
Person holding iPad with Brightlight website open

The Results

The objectives and brief were all successfully met and Brightlight are now finally able to have their website as the focal point for the teenagers and young adults taking part in the research to get together and be updated on anything and everything. It was a privilege to play a part of an important programme to help young Cancer suffering patients. We hope today’s website is now a sufficient platform for sharing the results and findings of the research programme. The YAP Panel has indeed encouraged user involvement where videos, news updates and events information are all available on the new website. Users are able to meet one another online, read each other’s stories, connect and overtime have formed the Brightlight community.

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