William Hill
William Hill

William Hill

Engaging communications platform that promoted better ways of information sharing with updated functionality and a refreshed design

From major sporting events to playing bingo, communication to their customers one of the key driving forces behind William Hill’s success. With an equally invested interest in communication to their valuable staff, William Hill were in need of further development on their new internal intranet which would enable staff to communicate directly regarding all matters of the business.

The Brief

William Hill needed an online area which would excite the staff, provide up-to-date information and encourage team morale. When JBi were approached by William Hill for this project, we knew our web development and web security teams would have something to really sink their teeth into. With many angles to consider, the William Hill HOME portal required extensive strategic planning, designing, development and, most importantly, testing!


  • Create new secure modules for the William Hill staff intranet portal
  • Design the section incorporating the William Hill brand identity
  • Ensure the intranet is secure and can withstand penetration testing by third party security teams
  • Ensure the site is quick, efficient and responsive for their global users
  • Provide an easy to manage CMS which allows staff to upload, edit and share content
Young entrepreneurs having a creative business meeting in a cafe
Young entrepreneurs having a creative business meeting in a cafe


The functional specification was detailed and complex meaning JBi had to work closely with William Hill to ensure the new intranet would meet every demand in a new and exciting way. As an internal communications tool which required a login feature, the site needed to be simple, intuitive and engaging. Although we worked upon existing infrastructure platforms, we still needed to create detailed wireframes, intricate user flows and professional mockups to ensure the site would develop the way both parties envisaged. In the end we had created a plan; now it needed a heavy coating of creativity and a designer’s edge…

Typing on Mac
"Understanding a company’s values and how they connect with their employees is the basis of building a successful internal communications portal. Especially for a global company with thousands of employees, the platform had to be designed with the user in mind, as well as being quick and efficient."


Ensuring that the infamous William Hill brand identity was integrated into our designs was essential to creating a site that both parties would be delighted with. Our fabulous web designers got to work using the William Hill logo, colour scheme and text type to mould their designs which would deliver a whole new online experience to the company’s staff.

Website on MacBook Pro
Website on MacBook Pro


William Hill were pleased to see that our designs blended simplicity and originality with funky features including, and most importantly, the communication team’s ability to post documents, key information and business updates from the back-end, and for users to login and browse securely from the front-end.

website on mobile
website on mobile

Final Set Up

A lot of testing was required to ensure the high spec of functionalities were achieved and the site would be secure against penetration testing. After a few touch-ups, JBi were ready to deliver the new communications portal to William Hill who, extremely pleased with the result, gave us the green light to make it live.


The Results

William Hill loved the end product and were delighted that JBi had produced a site which included all the functional and design requirements given. With engagement at the forefront of its purpose, William Hill were looking forward to witnessing how the new communications platform would benefit their staff and ways of information sharing.

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