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North Delta College Founder, Rakesh came in with a head full of ideas and bags of enthusiasm. It was infectious and we could help but get swept away by his French charms.

The Brief

The idea was simple, e-learning for advanced, University level Mathematics students something he had excelled at and had a passion for. A great website was needed to market the product, along with an excellent e-learning platform for all the  online materials. It needed to be easy to use, clear and intuitive.

Processed with VSCOcam with a8 preset
Processed with VSCOcam with a8 preset


Wireframes, Coffee, User Flows. Where would we be without these vital designer tools? As we laid out the different parts of this project we started to realise what a fantastic and intriguing project this was. All this while, Rakesh was busy scribbling away, noting down the questions that would form the crux of the product. When we reconvened Rakesh had all the learning content and we knew exactly how we were going to implement it. Time to design!

Music by Breakingpic
Music by Breakingpic


Clean, Modern, Welcoming, Simple. Those were the first words that Rakesh uttered when we had asked him what he was looking for in design. The team here responded and put together a fantastic product that matched up to Rakesh’s initial ideas. We used warm colours with an innovative layout to achieve an easy to use site, with conversions at its very heart.

young girl with backpack, tourist traveler on background panoram
young girl with backpack, tourist traveler on background panoram


Making it look pretty in the mockups is all well and good, but it’s when the life and soul is put into the site that our clients start to really envisage their product. The development stage here went off without a hitch and boy oh boy were we pleased with the end results! Fun design, interactive features and a registration process that’s smoooooooth sailing. The elearning section of the website was a joy to use, maybe there will be some additional Maths degrees at JBi in the future!

Typing by Damian Zaleski
Typing by Damian Zaleski

Final Set Up

This is the exciting part, but also the tense part. Will the project meet the deadline, will there be any last minute bugs and, most importantly, will the client be happy with the finished product?! Inevitably, a couple of little bugs tried to fly in our face, but we swatted them away and we can mark this off as another site completed on deadline. Rakesh was so happy he agreed to star in his own video, it’s well worth a watch so check it out below.

Typing 2 by Ed Gregory
Typing 2 by Ed Gregory


We are really pleased with the end result, and so is Rakesh. However, if we’re honest with ourselves the result will be based on student feedback. JBi has recently been re-hired by North Delta College to manage all of the Digital Marketing activities so hopefully in the next few months we will be able to come back with reports of sky-rocketing engagement and student levels.

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