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At JBi, we knew we had a challenge on our hands when the Gas Safety Trust came to us wanting to create a large information web portal that would act as a central resource for all information with regard to the rather morbid topic of carbon monoxide, and its effects on us all.

The Brief

The website is the primary portal in the world for all information, articles and stats relating to carbon monoxide. It allows nationwide academics, experts, journalists and anyone else in need of information on carbon monoxide to find information in one place online. The end hope is that with this central resource it could allow research to be shared in the hope of reducing the amount of injury and death caused by carbon monoxide exposure.

Despite the morbid topic our team loved the project and the GST team and rose to the challenge! With a simple interface, bundles of fancy features, and an efficient search system, JBi had put together a brilliant CO portal which later saw its debut at the iconic London Science Museum. Who said gas talk was dreary?!

website on imac
website on imac


For some, carbon monoxide may not be the most exciting subject on the planet but it’s one that matters and can affect us all. We worked closely with GST to fully understand their work and the functional needs of the site. With our pencils at the ready, JBi began brainstorming designs and visionary ways to present the all important content on a portal that would not only engage all of its users but also more importantly allow them to access information quickly and easily.

Typing by Ed Gregory
Typing by Ed Gregory


Clean, sharp and innovative; that’s what the new CO portal design needed to be. The prominent GST logo, their bright brand colours and authoritative text type gave our designers something viable to work with in order to achieve a site that effectively represented the Trust, while providing its users with a simple but intuitive interface.

website on mobile
website on mobile


Key to developing the site was to ensure a simple CMS was used which would allow GST team to upload articles, downloadable pdfs and 3rd party links. It was important that content could be uploaded quickly in bulk or single files and presented efficiently. A large part of the development process was perfecting the search so that the user could get the desired results. Our creative designs and static mockups were soon transformed into a dynamic CO portal.


Final Set Up

We put the site through intense testing sessions to ensure all the functionalities of the site and UX were absolutely seamless. Did it pass? With flying colours. JBi were now just as excited as the Gas Safety Trust team who were ready to present their carbon monoxide portal to the digital (and physical) world.

gas ipad
gas ipad


The CO portal well and truly went off with bang! At the iconic London Science Museum, the Gas Safety Trust gathered their peers to launch the new research platform, showcasing it on big screens around the gallery for all to see. And what a special moment it was. The prestigious event saw Baroness Finlay, Co-Chair of the All Party Parliamentary Carbon Monoxide Group, speak about the portal amongst other members of the Gas Safety Trust. JBi are so delighted to have been a part of the project and are already planning to work with the GST again in the future!

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