CHLTC Tennis Club

Who is the Campden Hill Lawn Tennis Club?

Campden Hill Lawn Tennis Club (CHLTC) is the biggest private tennis club in central London. The club was founded in 1884, just seven years after the first Wimbledon Championships were held. Based in Holloway Road, West London, the foundation of the club alone is something to admire since the area preserved for their amazing indoor courts, actually used to be where an old reservoir once stood.

What was required?

Considering the members of CHLTC were in their thousands, a website was needed for them all to visit and access an exclusive hub of information of the goings-on around the club. News, events, club information, tournament application forms and court timetables were all required to showcase on the website on a daily, weekly and monthly level.

On top of this, members of CHLTC were commonly on-the-go. To enhance their experience and accessibility of information, the website has to be flexible and adaptable to the ever growing range of mobile devices. This way, they could easily view all the daily updates and bookings at the club whilst commuting in and around town.

What we did

  • A new public facing website for visitors to increase awareness and enquiries. Included new design, layout, interfaces and content to entice users.
  • Responsive website design so the site can be viewed on multiple screen resolutions and devices.
  • Members only section, acting as a portal for all private club news and announcement’s.
  • Event management system that displays club information, social events, tournaments and regular activities, all organised by date and time.
  • Specific backend (admin) registration process for approved member of the club.
  • Admin management, so the club admin team can update a range of events and updates such as club information, social events, tournaments and regular activities, all organised by dates and times.

JBi verdict

CHLTC saw a major increase in members using and accessing the website for the information in which they previously used to have to call in and speak to a member of their staff. This way, CHLTC could keep their members informed of everything happening at the club with the greatest of ease and focus more so on tasks in-house to improve their overall service.

Considering most of their members are constantly on the go, the ability for them to connect with CHLTC online was a much easier way to be kept up to date with bookings and future events. The number of repeat visits increased dramatically since the website was now an easy-to-use, interactive and functional hub of information and could be accessed anywhere, at anytime and on any device.

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