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A crowd of people move through Shibuya Crossing in Tokyo, Japan at night, surrounded by billboards
Shibuya Crossing
A crowd of people move through Shibuya Crossing in Tokyo, Japan at night, surrounded by billboards

Three Digital Marketing Trends for 2012

Keeping an accurate tally of the very latest trends in web design is something which is all but impossible. The entire sector moves at a frantic pace, with advances in technology and changes in consumer attitude altering the very basics almost constantly, meaning that what may seem to be an exciting new trend today may well feel like an outdated flash in the pan in a few weeks time. A top rate digital marketing agency has a responsibility to remain constantly vigilant and maintain an awareness of what might be termed the more permanent trends.

Video Content

With the increasing user-friendliness of the technology involved, more and more  agencies will feel able to adopt video displays as part of the overall custom web design and marketing strategy. The fact that cross platform usability is becoming an increasingly vital part of any business means that sites have to be built with the likes of Internet Television in mind. Clearly, media such as these are the ideal showcase for video content which can often demonstrate goods, services or products in a way which is clear, easily grasped and high impact.

Smaller Online Business

The fact that the economy and the general business outlook are both somewhat flat can, of course, be disincentive to any type of business, but somewhat counter intuitively. It can also mean that the time is right to launch a smaller scale business online. The type of innovative new idea that may otherwise seem difficult to get off the ground can be boosted by the relatively low overheads involved in launching a business digitally. Professional website design can make the newest product or idea seem attractive and the world of the web is a level playing field upon which those who move fastest and think most originally can achieve results.

Mobile Access

Customers or potential customers are becoming increasingly likely to access any website via hand held devices whilst on the move. This is a factor which has to be borne in mind when designing any website. An up to date knowledge of the types of programme and display which are likely to be supported by the widest range of devices is something which a digital agency in London will be able to bring to the table. Working alongside such specialist knowledge it will be possible to construct a mobile site which is an impressive and attractive entity in its’ own right.

High Quality Content

The content provided by many websites undoubtedly, in recent years became somewhat less than trusted thanks to the prevalence of so called ‘content farms’ – companies which dedicated themselves to producing many thousands of words worth of content in which the only criteria was an over-reliance on the presence of key words. Quality, context and relevance were jettisoned in favour of cramming the copy with as many of the ‘relevant’ words and phrases as possible. Search engines such as Google altered their algorithms in an effort to counter this phenomenon but, ultimately it is the responsibility of companies providing custom web design to ensure that the sites they build utilise content of only the highest quality. Anything less will imply a lack of professionalism which is the very last thing any business will want to convey.