SAD Hortons Kids by US Depatment of Education
SAD Hortons Kids by US Depatment of Education

JBi Launches New Website for Dyslexia Action Shop

JBi is extremely privileged to announce the release of the new e-commerce website for the Dyslexia Action shop.

About Dyslexia & Their Requirements…

Dyslexia Action offers a range of educational services and learning products aimed towards parents, adults, professionals and children all for the benefit of enhancing their educational and employment career via a vast range of provisions and practices. For this project in particular, we were approached by Dylexia Action Shop (the retail side of the business) to produce them an ecommerce store that will essentially become a consistent sales generator for the charity.

All profits from the store are donated back to the charity to assist in their vital work. The aim of the website was to provide an easily accessible means for customers to purchase products simply.

From blank canvas to the real thing…

In reflection of Dyslexia’s requirements, we created an e-commerce website with the following interactive features;

  • Easy for the administrators to update the website full product catalogue.
  • A clear search & filtering tool so that customers can easily navigate to the items they require.
  • An industry
  • A design that incorporated the current branding of the charity, but also kept in line with traditional e-commerce layouts for user benefit.
  • An interactive shopping cart/account section so users are encouraged to manage their account and revisit the site for future consideration.
  • Integration with Dyslexia’s other systems for use of use

Our side of the story…

“Because most of the NGO’s don’t have in-house technical staff, we designed our system in such a way that it becomes easy for their employees and volunteers to make changes without any training. We design each system with all the possible customizations so that nonprofits can just focus on adding content.”