President Barack Obama on Google+ by The White House via Wikimedia Commons
President Barack Obama on Google+ by The White House via Wikimedia Commons

How to Use Google+ to Improve your Search Traffic

The search landscape changed forever when Google Plus arrived in June 2011. Since that significant date, getting traffic from the search engine is no longer been driven by the amount of backlinks you have. The rules of the game have been turned and it’s time to adopt the new techniques into the search marketing plans.

The challenge ahead is to work with the new, personal element that has been added to the search with the advent of Google+, whilst at the same time delivering high quality content through all of your digital marketing efforts.

Before June 2011 there was a predictable flow to Google’s thinking. It could be summarized as: keywords+backlinks+quality content+competition=winner. In the new world of Google+ the emphasis is fundamentally different.

You now need to think of Google’s search engine as a web of potential customers, rather than a generic search engine. More significantly, you need to participate on their ‘web’ to get more traffic. Putting it simply, the more attention and authority you have, the more traffic you’ll receive.

By connecting with your market on Google+, you will drive more traffic to your site. The larger your Google Plus network, the more chances you have to attract traffic. Your digital marketing opportunities will grow as your network on Google plus grows.

The new art to attracting more traffic to your website can be summarized as follows:

  • First, start connecting with your target market on Google+ by adding them to your circles. Then research into what shared circles your target market is in. Many users have hundreds of people in their circles, and can provide you with access to their circles for free. All you need to do is simply add their circle to your list of circles. The Public Circles Database on Google+ is a useful tool to help you to do so.
  • Second, if you want to find the best prospects for your business, you need to join relevant Google+ Communities. You will be able to use the Google+ community easily, if you have ever participated in a Facebook group or other Internet forum.
  • Third, consider the fact that Google is starting to track named authors’ content as it appears on sites. By adding your name to Google Authorship, you will increase your personal search relevance as a blogger. The more sites you blog on, the more you increase your authorship status. This status will carry your Google reputation across the search spectrum.

Google+ has changed the rules of SEO and has revolutionised digital marketing strategy. Now there are world-changing opportunities available for those willing to work Google+ for additional search traffic. If you need more help then feel free to call us or drop by for a visit to our digital agency in London.