Renful Premier Technologies is a UK based company that aims to bridge the gap between technology and the human factor by delivering high quality and customisable security training products, services and consultancy. The company was founded in 1994 by Moshe Cohen following increasing demands for practical and effective solutions for staff training at all levels.

With the realisation that the human factor is the weakest link in the security chain and the easiest one to exploit, came the demand for practical and effective solutions for staff training at all levels. Solutions include;

  • Development of X-Ray Screeners
  • Detection of Inadmissible Passengers / Fraudulent Documents
  • Passenger Profiling

What was required?

Renful wanted a new fresh creative website which will be used as the basis for promoting online to help improve rankings for search engines. The website would need a strong design with an approachable feel so that customers are encouraged to interact.

With the end client in mind (typically security managers across various sectors and regions), one of the principle aims was to provide a website with a clear user journey that is intuitive and will allow the end user to easily navigate around the site to find information they need quickly.

What we did

  • Built a fully responsive CMS website meaning it is adaptable to all screen sizes, including mobile.
  • Integrated an events module with downloadable registration forms.
  • An interactive “Equipment” area displaying the full range of products with sliding banners and detail pages.
  • A quick enquiry form on every page of the website for customer ease of use to contact the business.
  • An advanced WordPress CMS system allowing the admin to easily update the site.
  • Randomly automated display of customer testimonials on each page.

Renful verdict

The biggest challenge when building the website was how we could arrange all of Renful’s different products and services in a way that would make it easy for users to find exactly what they wanted. “JBi guided us and suggested ways in which we could improve the user experience and drive more sales from the website,” Cohen (director of Renful) explains. “For example, they suggested a ‘quick enquiry’ contact form should be placed on many of the pages – including product pages – to help prompt potential customers to get in touch.”

Just over a month after the launch of the new site, Renful has already seen an increase in website enquiries compared with the same period last year, with many of these extra leads coming from the quick enquiry contact form. “Looking at Google analytics, we can see a 40 per cent increase in the number of users accessing the site via their mobile,” Cohen claims. “We have also seen an improvement in the number of pages and average visit duration of clients visiting the site.”

All in all, integrating Google Analytics onto the new website has enabled us to prove that our solutions do work, and most importantly work for our clients!

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