Online Shopping by Photo Mix
Online Shopping by Photo Mix

Your order confirmation page-a blank page of beauty!

Your E-Commerce website’s order confirmation page is a blank page of absolute beauty, so of course our web designers will have a thing or two to say about how you can make the most of it and more importantly WHY you should.

1) Short and sweet

Let’s keep it to one page guys

You’ve both got what you wanted and you don’t want it to be a one off, but the thing is, you can’t be sure whether your consumer feels the same way. One thing you can do to make sure your user comes back to you is to say what you want in a short snappy way. There’s absolutely no point waffling on about what’s brought you together or showing off your Twitter feed- the aim of the game here is to be cool and to keep it short — top tip avoid the need to scroll!

2) Exceptional web design

Design design design!

As we’ve already said, the order confirmation page is a thing of forgotten beauty — forgotten and beautiful because no one ever makes use of it and also because it’s the last thing your user will see before they move on. So it’s no wonder that our designers would think it sheer madness if your website design didn’t extend to this page. What should you do? Get us on board, and we’ll take it from there.

3) Content is KING, QUEEN and all the rest!

It’s not what you say it’s HOW you say it.

God how many times have we heard that one right, but for the purpose of getting the most out of your confirmation page this bit is most definitely worth a listen.

Take these guys for instance, clever straight forward content that has that bit of oomph to it.

Now you don’t need to be quite as blunt as Marshall Fridge, but we do think there’s truth in the saying think before you type.

4) Social media promotion

Shouting is just noise

We think that social media for E-Commerce is the difference between your site rolling in social currency or struggling to get it (read why we think that here). So it’s no wonder then that we think big when it comes to displaying social media buttons on an order confirmation page.  We think, if you want your user to like your brand on Facebook, say it, LIKE US ON FACEBOOK. It’s as simple as that. Remember given that 53% of online retailers showcase their social media buttons on their order confirmation pages but only 3% call their users to action- we think that’s enough of a hint.

 5) Thank you!

Where are your manners!

You know it’s rude not to say ‘Thank you’ if someone does something for you, and let’s face it, that consumer of yours has given you exactly what you wanted — A SALE! So don’t forget your manners when you’re optimising your order confirmation page. Show your appreciation with those two little words, you may not think it’d be very memorable, but we’d say otherwise if you didn’t- and it wouldn’t be a good thing if you wanted your customer to back!

 6) News!

Read all about it!

Now that your visitor has officially made it as your consumer why not direct them to your blog or news, humanise the experience for them. We’re not saying fill your order confirmation page with a load of content, but a subtle link or call to action can do wonders to get people talking. In fact — a JBi tip for you, why not encourage your users to review a product they love of yours and you can feature this on your order confirmation page. Think of it as a little hug of reassurance for your user that the choice they’ve made is the right one because others say so.

 7) Incentivise

You want magic right- incentivise!

Here you have the option to be as creative as you want to get them coming back for more. Let’s look at MADE for that bit of inspiration.

With an incentive to get their recent consumers back and that too with a reward, MADE encourages their users to invite their friends for a sweet reward — seriously who wouldn’t want to come back for that!

Our verdict

We think that all these points are altogether interlinked, so we wouldn’t advise you to do one and not the rest. Trust us when we say, if you follow these points you won’t become just another E-Commerce site, you WILL be remembered. Give us a call and we’ll get that order confirmation page up to scratch and those users back for more.