Online Shopping by Negative Space
Online Shopping by Negative Space

E-Commerce website design and social media

A few years ago you didn’t need to worry about social media in E-Commerce website design. In just eight years, Facebook has managed to acquire 900 million users, and other social media sites such as Twitter have also managed to get hundreds of millions of users.

But why does this impact on E-Commerce website design? Let’s take a look at some of the ways social media impacts on the world of E-Commerce and how it could be of help to your online enterprise.

Verify your business’ abilities

One of the main reasons social media is so important for E-Commerce website design is that it offers people the chance to talk. In particular, you can offer them the chance to do this on your site in the form of comments boxes and social media links. You will have seen buttons on plenty of websites that allow users to link that webpage to their Facebook or Twitter account. You have probably also seen E-Commerce sites that allow users to post to their social media pages announcing that they have just made a purchase.

If you do this carefully, it could lead to some good publicity for your site. In a world where there is an increasing amount of competition online, every aspect of your E-Commerce website design needs to be perfect, social media endorsements can be one way of standing out. People need to know that they can trust the websites they use, and while a large number of Facebook likes or shares on Twitter are not the only factor at play here, they can make a huge difference.

E-Commerce website design opportunities

Another reason social media has an interesting impact on E-Commerce website design is that it can offer websites some design opportunities. One of the most popular examples of this are the main social media buttons that you see on websites, linking users to the social pages of that particular company. One option is just to use the standard buttons that are available from the social media sites, but it is also possible to customise them to make them more relevant to your site.

For example, if your site has a colour scheme, this could be extended to the social media buttons and they could be more effectively incorporated into your E-Commerce website design. If you were to have a specific webpage with examples of social media comments about your website, this could also provide you with more design opportunities.

Importance of feedback

Social media also gives you the chance to get feedback about your E-Commerce website design. This doesn’t necessarily have to be done through your site, but even just engaging with the people who follow your Twitter feed or who like your page on Facebook can be a good way to collect views from people who use your site.

For instance, you could do a search to see what people are saying about you. This can be a good way to find out if there is anything you need to address in order to provide a better experience for users. It can also be a useful way to build up relationships with the people who use your business, helping to humanise your online brand and make you appear more trustworthy.

Mobile opportunities

Another big reason E-Commerce website design needs to be aware of social media is the rise of the mobile internet. Many of the people who use the internet on their smartphones are accessing social media sites. Plus, increasing numbers of people are using the mobile internet or smartphone apps to make purchases. It’s worth looking at the mobile capabilities of your website and addressing them if necessary. People aren’t likely to hold back on social media if they have a bad experience on your mobile E-Commerce site!

Overall, social media might just be one factor that impacts on E-Commerce website design but the importance of it cannot be overstated. With so many users on social media sites, businesses should engage with them and see how their social media platforms can be integrated with their main websites. Social media can also be used for promotional purposes, so making sure your E-Commerce website has a presence on the most popular sites makes sense and is an issue to look into if you haven’t already considered it.