Benefits of Integrating Online and Offline Marketing

Growing your marketing campaign means more than simply investing in online media. Just because the world is connected to the internet 24/7 doesn’t mean that people don’t step outside of their door from time to time. While many businesses are now focusing their time and money solely on email marketing and social media campaigns, it’s important not to neglect direct mail and the power of word of mouth.

Truth be told, a marketing strategy can be much stronger if both online and offline marketing tactics are integrated in one. A recent statistic by Deliver magazine supports this theory. They report that their customers who receive a printed catalogue spent more time on a company’s website and on an average purchased 28% more than customers who weren’t sent a catalogue. A lot of research out there proves that direct mail campaigns can drive traffic to your website.

As a result, more prospects are likely to read your message and this is because email and online advertisements are opened at lower rates than that of direct mail postcards. It’s a high possibility that a user may click the competitor’s ad as well if yours was not able to grab his attention. A professional digital marketing agency can help to integrate both your online and offline marketing strategy

How an online marketing agency can integrate direct mail with your digital campaign

  • Postcards and Mail Flyers – Postcards can be used to encourage prospects to your website’s landing page. You can also connect your direct mail to your online marketing via social media URL’s and a link to your online channels, including a sign-up form where you can capture their information.
  • PURLs – Personalised URL’s intrigue your readers, allowing you to create content which is tailored to them, i.e. creating a direct link URL using their first name or surname. Studies show that direct mail response rates are around 15 per cent higher than the average mailing.
  • Maintain Consistent Branding – Your customers should be able to recognise your brand’s identity, no matter where they come from. Your offline and online campaigns should have the same branding, making possible use of your logo, brand colour, font, and any other material.
  • Lead Nurturing–There are multiple ways to do this such as lead filtering, email marketing and remarketing. Remarketing is a service by Google wherein using your Adwords account you can have adverts follow prospects on Google’s marketing network after they’ve visited your website.

To conclude, integrating online and offline campaigns is easy, you just need to make them part of your checklist whenever any document is sent for print or published online. Make sure you have your branding docket which contains all your brand related colours, styles, tone, fonts, logo, etc. This will ensure that consistent messaging is used no matter which channel it is published on.

Do you want to know more about this integration? Our London based digital marketing agency can help you with smooth integration of your online and offline campaigns so that your channels contain a consistent message.