People sit at tables in a restaurant called INAMO
INAMO Interior
People sit at tables in a restaurant called INAMO

INAMO, the perfect date place

Where would a gadget geek take his/her digital designer beau for Valentines Day? It’s not a trick question we promise, but we’re guessing if you’re stumped for ideas, the JBi love bugs really should help, so here we are! Let’s get started, so we assume that a romantic meal is a given but what if there was a digital twist to it, could such a place really exist? Well, lucky for you, it does and that too in the heart of London town.

But the question is, does the concept of digital dining actually work?

Welcome to Inamo St James

Situated in the heart of London town, it’s fair to say that Inamo is unlike any other restaurant you’d have been to. Think futuristic bamboo paradise and you’re half way there.

What makes it so unique? Well quite simply, your table is your waiter, your buddy and your call for a cab too! With a discreet projection from above, your table magically turns into an interactive surface that which you can control via the touch-sensitive panel on the side of the counter.

So if you’ve heard that the Miso and Yuzu Salmon is simply to die for, (as we did) just scroll to larger dishes find it and it’ll appear on your plate as a little teaser of what’s to come. And if you like what you see, simply click to order and it’ll be sent straight to the kitchen. No fuss. 

What’s more; if you’re in the mood for love, why not change your tablecloth to suit it. In fact, you could prearrange to customise your table with your very own pictures before your visit. And if you think it’s about time to put on that elaborate show of affection (a proposal maybe) Inamo have catered for that too in the past, a subtle hint if ever there was one. That’s not all, with an array of games and the opportunity to have a sneaky look into the kitchen, the e-tables provide the diner with a completely novel dining experience.

So have Inamo got it right?

Well as much as the digital aspect captures most hearts, what’s special about Inamo is that it’s not an overwhelming feature and that’s what we liked. As much as we love digital we didn’t find ourselves glued to the table, if anything, Inamo have got it right from a truly ‘interactive’ perspective.

The perfect date place?

Well, it’s an easy one; we agree with Match.com, Inamo really is the perfect date place not only for our gadget geeks but all the love bugs out there! And from our digital perspective, we think that Inamo has cleverly developed the interactive feature of the table so that it doesn’t take all the attention and become the date itself, but rather it gets people talking, the perfect icebreaker if anything.

So if it’s your first date or simply a new experience you’re searching for, Inamo definitely features somewhere near the top of our #LOVEdigital list! Take our word for it, it’s worth a visit.