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By the end of 2013, there will be more mobiles on Earth than people

I read an interesting statement today, I can only apologise for being one of the few anomalies that forces this ridiculous statistic to be added to the list of technological assumptions. I’m sure Vodafone would agree on my behalf that this theory is relatively believable and not all that surprising since it is incredibly common for me to consistently lose my phone whilst ”popping-out” or going “out-out”.

Somewhere out there is either a pack of mobile-savvy feral cats or some young’uns that have managed to create a start-up business selling the 15 phones I have lost in past years, and fair play to them. Nevertheless, I cannot be the only one to blame for this ratio so I have done my research to find everyone else that is to blame and to avoid appearing in the Guiness Book of World Records as well as another excruciating telling-off from my mother.

To paint you a picture, I travel in and around Central London meeting my clients every day and never have I seen someone actually using the red telephone box apart from the local drunk. Back in the day, there was something called a landline telephone and this was how the world communicated. I know, I’ve never heard of it either and I definitely couldn’t imagine talking on the phone and just having to stand there. Instead, I see a world of people who literally run up the London Underground stairs so they can immediately become reconnected to the outside world. The way in which people treat this mobile philosophy is similar to the way we treat our need for oxygen and it is becoming increasingly addictive for humans to make sure they are “wired in” and ready to communicate. I will not be a hypocrite and say that I don’t do it either. Usually I will need to open up my smartphone and log onto Google Maps to find out where the hell I am and where I need to be going since my sense of direction is more useless than the appendix.

Either way, we can all agree that we lust the use of our mobile amenities and we cannot be surprised when the time comes that we see mobiles selling Pay-As-You-Go contracts for humans at extortionate prices.

So, how can there be more mobile devices than people?

Reports say that more than 75% of the worlds population has a mobile phone, and 33% own a tablet device. I was never good at maths, but let’s give it a go;

If 75% of 100 people own a phone, that’s 75 people. If 33% of 100 people own a tablet, that’s 33 people. 75 + 33 = 108.

Considering that was a simple equation compiled by yours truly, it is a simple beans-on-toast method to display the fact that there will be more mobile devices than human beings and that we should accept the fact that we are a generation who are incredibly addicted to them.

Is there any point to this story Angela?

No, not really. But I just wanted to share the realisation that the mobile world is now becoming the overruling power over the past craze of the internet and should we ever need to buy a phone, just find a bunch of feral cats in Finchley Central.