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Facebook by Geralt
Facebook by Geralt

Add Facebook Comments to your website

WordPress is one of the leading content management solutions today. It gives freedom to users who do not necessarily have a web development background, to create a blog, or customise it to create a unique website. The vast amount of plugins makes life a lot easier for budding designers and developers to add features to the website to boost user interaction and, in the case of this post, social media marketing.

Why should you use Facebook comments?

Facebook allows developers to embed some of their features into websites, such as; like buttons, recommendations, face piles, and comments. All of the above can be used to boost the effectiveness of your website online. In the case of a blog however, it will be a huge loss not to take advantage of the comments plugin.

On Facebook, every time a user makes a comment, it shows up in the feeds of their network of friends. With the comments plugin, the same effect happens, but rather than a link to the users profile, a link to the website is posted to the wall. This is a huge opportunity for blog owners to gain major traffic to their website without much effort.

Don’t use default WordPress comments!

This sounds a little extreme you might think, but removing the default comments on your WordPress blog/website has 3 major advantages:

  1. Social Media – As explained before, Facebook comments does the majority of marketing for you, without it looking like spam. The more comments you get on your website, the more users will visit.
  2. Everyone is on Facebook – Remember, Facebook is the world’s largest social media platform available, with over 800 million users. This means that it is highly likely that the visitors of your website will already be logged on while they read your content. People are more comfortable using social media to comment because it beats registering your details when you want to post your opinion.
  3. Less spam – Using Facebook comments gives you FAR less spam than the default comments. There’s no need to include a CAPTCHA form because the people commenting are real people.

What plugins are there?

You can use the Facebook developer code, but there are a lot of issues when trying to integrate it into the desired location of your website. This is why you’re probably better off finding a suitable plugin to install and follow the instructions. I prefer to use this one but if you find any other one, feel free to share it.