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Redlaw Recruitment are a high end Law Recruitment company who work with some of the largest law firms, both Nationally and Internationally.

The Brief

When they came to us with the need for an updated website we knew it had to be smart, sophisticated and professional. There were also multiple 3rd party integrations such as a salary calculator and the jobs board management system amongst others to consider.



The existing Redlaw website was just a little busy for our and their liking. The first thing we needed to do was set out a new, improved site map using wireframes to show the client potential new layouts and how they could improve the user journey. This meant that Redlaw were really clear with how their new website would be laid out, as well as how easy it would be for their users to interact with. We felt that by giving good levels of thought and planning with Redlaw during early stages, the business would benefit once the website was live.

Young woman using digital tablet at home against city lights
Young woman using digital tablet at home against city lights


Taking the wireframes and sitemap, along with the bold Redlaw red, we painted the *website* red! Bold swatches of colour and city scape soon turned the site into a professional, smart and appealing website, both for employers and employees.



This is where things started getting interesting. A few changes in personnel at Redlaw meant that the site was put on hold for a number of months. In addition to that the new project manager had some spec changes from the client and suddenly we were the definition of agile project management.

Using Magic Mouse
A person uses an Apple Magic Mouse on a mouse pad

Final Set Up

After lots of to-ing and fro-ing both parties were delighted to get the website live. In the end, it was a relatively pain free process that saw Redlaw genuinely receiving applications almost from the minute it went live. The famously smooth JBi deployment plan in action once more.


The Result

One of our most attractive and user centric websites to date, Jack and the team at Redlaw are delighted with the end result, as you can see from what he has to say about us!

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