HMG Case Study Cover
HMG Case Study Cover
HMG Case Study Cover


HMG Branding & Print Collateral

The Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure (CPNI) approached JBi looking for the conceptualisation and creation of a suite of printed products. These products are now used to advise HMG Civil Servants on how to negotiate securely and with confidence when travelling overseas.

Brief and Objectives

In order to effectively reach this target audience, a new sub-brand needed to be introduced with its own distinct look and feel, which would differentiate the products from other CPNI guidance. 

JBi were given creative license to shape design, content and messaging, with the overall objective of creating an engaging and informative set of printed guidance for Civil Servants. 

The main objectives of this project were to:

  • Develop a new sub-brand for CPNI Government with its own distinct identity and logo
  • Produce a cohesive suite of print materials that advise Civil Servants on how to negotiate securely when travelling overseas
  • Apply the new branding to all print materials in the suite, including document templates 
  • Use engaging and impactful messaging  that resonates with the target audience

Our Approach

The JBi creative team worked collaboratively with the CPNI team to produce two innovative and distinct concept directions: “Conversation” and “Connected”.

Conversation: Our conversational concept was inspired by the style of brochures and guides found in museums and theatres. Built on themes of relatability and confidence, this concept was built around the importance of strong communication and supported by personable imagery, speech bubbles and large greetings set in warm and welcoming colours.


Conversation Concept Image 1


Connected: The theme of this concept was flowing lines and distinct colours intended to guide the audience through the various documents in the suite, representing a journey or travel. This concept reflected the idea that Civil Servants should conduct overseas business in a safe and secure manner, whilst highlighting the need to be diligent and maintain an awareness of their surroundings.


Connected Image 2

Decision Time

Over the course of a series of meetings with CPNI, it was decided that a ‘Conversational’ style would better suit the content of the proposed suite.

A number of collaborative brainstorming sessions were then conducted in order to define the content, tone, look and feel and imagery for the suite. 

This phase was essential to the creative process, allowing for a cycle of innovation, concept design and feedback that enabled us to create an influential and successful set of printed collateral.

The Finished Product

The final set of collateral consisted of a suite of booklets assembled within a practical, easily transportable folder. This uncomplicated design would enable Civil Servants to carry their pack with them while travelling and have easy access to key guidance and information. 

Many of the sub-brand elements discussed at the conceptualisation stage were still evident in the final product, having been refined and adapted throughout the collaborative design phase.


HMG Final Product 2


The Results

The pack received very positive feedback from delegates and travelling Civil Servants during a period of testing with CPNI’s target market.

Furthermore, its popularity has led to additional reprints of the booklets. The packs are now being widely used by central and local government.

CPNI themselves were very happy with the final collateral and are in the process of having new printed products and creative concepts produced – across a range of disciplines – with JBi. 


Do you have a project you’d like to discuss with the JBi team? Drop us an email at [email protected] or call us on 02070432510.

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