James Doughty

Account Manager

James looks after our existing and prospective clients. With a strong history in Account Management, he believes in service with a smile and makes sure our clients receive top-class digital solutions.

James loves being in the driving seat of a project and gets stuck in with all areas of its lifecycle, from requirements gathering right through to Design (even if not requested by his team members!)

Coming from a background in Communications and Digital Publishing, James has an eagle eye for detail and can spot typos and grammar mistakes almost instantly (but don’t ask him to test that). Having spent time living in Paris and Munich, he is known as team linguist and can speak French and German (almost) fluently.

In the office James can usually be found running between meetings and livening up the office playlist with disco tunes.

The More You Know

James' lifetime ambitions are to taste every kind of red wine, write a novel and sing in front of an arena audience (in that order)

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