Jack Bevan

UI Designer

Armed with both a National Diploma and a Degree in Graphic Design, Jack has a strong background in print, digital, branding and logo design, as well as a natural ability to deal with unpredictable clients and agency life in general!

Jack is a designer full of useless facts that can be equally insightful or random, depending on who you ask! His interests wildly fluctuate week by week. One week you may catch him waxing lyrical on aviaries, quiche and podcasts. The next, it could be a mix of entomology, Vikings and the Jurassic period.

While he takes pride in the aesthetic design of his work, Jack is also mindful of the functional aspects of design. Jack enjoys lengthy discussions around both aesthetic and function, and is always looking for solutions that meet the demands of both at the same time.

The More You Know

Jack is left handed

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