Andrew Stichbury

UI/UX Designer

With a background in design and development, Andrew started his career at JBi as a front end developer and worked his way into the role of JBi’s UI/UX Designer by having an opinion on just about everything.

His job centres around usability and accessibility, website aesthetics, coding standards and UX, applying these aspects to each website, providing a seamless and user-friendly result for our clients. When asked what he does, though, Andrew simply says he makes “websites people friendly”.

Full of technical know-how, Andrew is the go-to guy when the team is divided on the colour of a button.

As a self-taught coder, he is not only intuitive with the functional aspect of a website but his eye for design is something that allows him to deliver solutions that are interactive and aesthetically awesome.

There’s a safe chance you’ll find Andrew voicing his opinion whether it was asked for or not.

The More You Know

It's no coincidence that JBi's bot – Jake talks like Andrew

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