Tupac grafitti, Vlasotince, Serbia by Чигот via Wikimedia Commons
Tupac grafitti, Vlasotince, Serbia by Чигот via Wikimedia Commons

Week in Social – iPad Mini rumours and Tupac’s back (almost)

This week has been grey and cold in our web design office, all because of the British weather we know all too well and never stop complaining about. It has also been the week signalling the count down of the 100 days left till the 2012 Olympic Games. Other than that it’s been a good week for technology and rumours. So let’s dive in!

Tupac Hologram goes Viral

Much of you reading this post will be familiar with the recent viral video of Snoop Dogg performing alongside a hologram of Tupac Shakur at Coachella. This technology is of course not new to most people, because it’s been used for live performances by The Gorillaz, and even in the broadway production of The Lion King, but neither 2D or Mufasa are dead gangster rappers. Read more.

iPad Mini Rumour

There are fresh rumours this week suggesting that Apple is looking to release another new iPad, when the 3rd generation iPad (mistaken for the iPad 3) hasn’t even been out for 2 months. The rumours claim that the product will be the iPad Mini, and will have a 7.85 inch screen with 1024 x 768 display. If rumours are true, this will be another product that Apple has going for it in the competition with Windows 8. Read more.

Google Drive

In other tech related news, Google is due to release it’s own answer to Cloud Storage titled “Google Drive”, and it’s launch will feature 5 GB of free storage for users. The service will apparently be initially free, but there is hardly any more information available to give more accurate details on the benefits, and how it will compete against Dropbox.

Viddy Becomes the Top Free Video App

Instagram is now one of the top apps used on smart phones, and now several start ups are beginning to compete against each other to gain the title of “Instagram for Video”. Among all the rookie apps, Viddy is looking to be the most promising and preferred app to share videos online.

Today is 4/20

“What is 4/20?” I hear you say. That was my first reaction when I saw people Tweeting about it through out the week. It turns out that today is the day where many people gather to celebrate the consumption of cannabis. I wouldn’t post this information up if there wasn’t something else linked to it though. Today also represents the release of the Bob Marley Movie, a documentary about the man behind many iconic songs we all love. Is the release date of the film a coincidence? I don’t think so. Read more.