Microsoft Edge Mobile Apps
Microsoft Edge Mobile Apps

Coming soon to your phone – Microsoft Edge

Microsoft has announced they’re bringing their latest browser to iOS and Android, all in part to make Windows work better with iOS and Android devices.

If you’re one of the 2.17% of all Internet users who uses Microsoft Edge as your primary web browser, you’ll soon be able to access your history, bookmarks and even resume your current browsing session on your phone. Safari, Firefox and Chrome’s desktop and mobile apps offer similar syncing features.

Fortunately the Microsoft Edge app is not restricted to Bing – Microsoft’s own search engine, which means you can set Google as your default search engine.

Maybe this move will help Microsoft Edge, the successor to Internet Explorer, catch up with other browsers such as Firefox and Chrome which currently hold 5.96% and 55.68% respectively as of September.

There’s good news for front end developers – the app uses the Webkit rendering engine on iOS and Blink on Android, which means sites will work just as they do in the default mobile browser.

If you’re interested in trying Microsoft Edge on your phone, you can sign up for early access here.

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