Apple Devices
Apple Devices

Apple Computers are Better for Designing

We are often asked about Mac computers and its advantages and we would like to share our experience, knowledge and pleasure having used Mac computers for many years for all our design work.

Not only does the Mac computer look more appealing compared to other brands, but with its sleek and dynamic look, we find it often leads to more creative design work! Being a creative web business we need to have the most up to date technology and software in our digital agency.

The software that is on a Mac when you first get one is easy to use and navigate. There is a great deal in less software problems and hardly (if any!) any viruses when compared with other computer brands. This has to be a major advantage especially working in a digital agency.

The Adobe packages are one of the most important pieces of software that a web designer or Graphic Designer will require. Some of the main packages are Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Flash etc. With their vast variety of tools and layouts they really do aid designers with all aspects of Graphic Design. When working on the attention to detail, the screen really comes into play with its LED backlighting and its HD resolution, this makes it easier to see the smallest design faults, allowing us to create the best possible Graphic Design and of course Web Design.

In addition to the Mac’s we believe that Safari is a more efficient web browser compared to others. This mainly as its very user friendly, fast, reliable and eye pleasing. There are some features that stand out such as the top Sites, spell checking for all fields, resizable text boxes, and snapback. The purpose for a good web browser is to see what current trends, designs and resources are being posted and you want to be able to do this quickly and reliably with the Mac.

Overall I feel, yes there are many other computers out on the market that could and are probably better, but not for a creative and design purpose. I feel for the best possible outcome and user experience this is the easiest and quickest, however not yet the cheapest of options for excellent design.